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Kaishoku Tashiro / Jyoto-machi, Kumamoto city

Japanese cuisine filled with “Omotenashi” mind
and seasonal Kumamoto’s taste made by
excellent knife technique of the best chef in Kumamoto

The owner is the most renowned chef of Kumamoto decorated The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays and serves as the chairman of the Kumamoto Prefectural Cookery Association and the goodwill ambassador of foods of Kumamoto. Now he offers fantastic dishes at his cuisine with his son who trained both in Japan and overseas.

The menu of the day is made after going to Tasaki Food Market and purchasing the best ingredients of the day.  “Yakimono (grilled dishes)” such as “Tashiro homemade Saikyou utsuwayaki” or “Aso jidori (free-range chicken) shioyaki”, and special local dishes such as “basashi (horse meat sashimi)” and “karashirenkon (deep fried lotus roots, mixture of miso and Japanese mustard stuffed) are strongly recommended.  The dishes of this cuisine using Kumamoto’s fruits and vegetables even for plate decoration are all fantastic filled with beauty of seasons and “Omotenashi” mind.  The menu of “Omakase dishes (dishes on chef’s decision) ” ordered at the counter seat is made through the conversation with customers.  It is also attractive that you can enjoy fantastic Japanese dishes watching excellent knife techniques of the chef’s and cooks’ in the fan-shaped open kitchen.  When you have a seat at the counter table, also enjoy selecting sake asking the chef and cooks about ones good to your dishes.

Shop where you can enjoy: Mozazu3LD 1F 2-6 Jyoto-machi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city
TEL: 096-323-1126
Supported cashless: PayPay
business hours: Lunch 11:00am-2:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm
*Last order is 30 minutes before closing.
business hours: Sunday

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

日本酒(Saisai/Kouro/Kouro daiginjo/Reizan/Ubuyamamura/Hanayuki/Semi/Excel/Sukun)
焼酎(Solo (3kinds)/Kawabe/Matsuyoi/Komoriuta)
ワイン(Kikuka wine)
ビール(SUNTORY Premium Malt )

Staff’s Recommended Drink