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Wafusakedokoro Orugento Shimotori-ten / Shimotori, Kumamoto city

You can enjoy various courses using horse meat or
Akaushi (beef) unique to Kumamoto
and seasonal fresh ingredients.

In addition to various course menus such as “Kumamoto kyodoryori course” with sashimi of various parts of horse meat and fresh fish sashimi, “Kisetsu premium course” with grilled Akaushi beef with lemon and miso on Hoba leaf and shabu-shabu of “Sakura dai (bream)”, single dishes such as “Yogan yaki”, grilled horse meat or Akaushi (beef) on lava BBQ plates are enjoyable.  Advanced food order at the same time when reserving a seat is also popular.  By the pre-order, you can have discounted glasses of champagne. A variety of alcoholic drinks such as shochu, highball, wine and cocktails are available. Another Orugento is located in Obiyama, 20 mins driving from downtown.

Shop where you can enjoy: Daini Ieyasu BLD 1/2F 1-11-2 Shimotori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city
TEL: 096-325-6040
Supported cashless: Credit cards, PayPay
business hours: 6:00pm-5:00am
business hours: Not fixed

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