Shop where you can enjoy

Wasake bar Syuraku / Takase, Tamana city

Wholesale and retail liquor stores at night
Transform into a square bar that you can easily enjoy
2 or 3 live events per month are also popular

In the daytime, it is a “silver dew hotel” that also carries out wholesale and retail. At night, it becomes a Japanese sake bar liquor store where you can enjoy a casual cup. There is only a liquor store in the daytime, and it is attractive that you can enjoy a variety of sake, mainly Japanese sake. There are 40-50 types of sake and Kuma shochu available from Kumamoto Prefecture. The popular snacks are dishes made with red sake from Kumamoto Prefecture, such as “Simmered chicken liver in red sake”. “Hikozuri”, a fried vegetable with sweet miso, a local dish of Kumamoto, is listed on the menu as “Hooks of eggplant and pork”. Held tour musicians and local indie artists live 2-3 times a month.

Shop where you can enjoy: 459 Takase, Tamana city
TEL: 0968-74-2015
business hours: 7:00 pm~12:00 pm
※2:00 pm on the weekends
business hours: Sunday

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake(Hananoka, Taito, Nishikinotsuyu, Tamasupa, Kikuchigawa, Sukun etc)
Shochu(Musuiryusui, Kumanoizumi etc)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Junmaiginjo Nishikinotsuyu