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Toriya / Honjo, Kumamoto city

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As its name suggests, it is a restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of sake along with chicken dishes. The main course is yakitori. We have a lot of yakitori that you can only taste here, such as onion tori, white liver, and fluffy yolk tailoring. Numerous dishes that make use of the natural umami of the ingredients are complemented by fresh eggs from Kumamoto Prefecture and natural sea salt from France. In addition, various chicken dishes such as chicken Nanban and thick grilled eggs are also available. While waiting for the yakitori to be baked, enjoy the time to taste your favorite sake from the prefecture.

Shop where you can enjoy: 3-8-23 Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city
TEL: 096-372-2762
business hours: 17:30~22:30

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