Shop where you can enjoy

Tsujun shuzo Kanseigura / Hama-machi, Yamato town

The historic sake brewery established in 1770.
You can enjoy “kikizake” or rare sake
at the oldest “sakagura (sake cellars)” in Kumamoto.

Tsujun shuzo has one of the oldest sake cellars built in 1792 in Kumamoto.  Having a renovation after it had a big damage by the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, the cellar was reborn as “Kanseigura” that customers can have relaxing time and enjoy charged sake tasting.  Feeling atmosphere of the imposing historical cellar which has been around for more than 200 years, you can enjoy a variety kinds of sake of Tsujun shuzo such as “kikizake set” which is served 3 kinds of sake to compare and premium sake at the stylish table seats harmonized with the old vibe.  Renting the entire cellar is available and “open at night”, the event which is held sometimes limitedly and you can enjoy sake of Tsujun shuzo with BYO foods are also popular (reservation required for both).  Check the further information of those events on the SNS.

Shop where you can enjoy: 54 Hama-machi, Yamato town, Kamimashiki county
TEL: 0967-72-1177
Supported cashless: Credit cards (JCB, VISA, Diners, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard, UnionPay, ALIPAY, WeChat pay, and Electronic money (Waon, RakutenEdy)
business hours: 9:00~17:00
*Open weekdays only.
business hours: 2nd Sunday and 4th Sunday
*Check further details on the SNS.

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake(Junmaidaiginjo Tsujun/junmaiginjoshu Semi/Organic junmaishu Sakuya/Junmaiginjoshu Sowanie /Junmaishu Hibari/Junmaiginjyosyu Hibari)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Junmaiginjyoshu Semi

This is “THE” junmaiginjoshu of Tsujun shuzo. You can enjoy this sake for a long time without getting bored in the flavor which has calm ginjo aroma and soft mouthfeel. Enjoy the most popular sake of Tsujun shuzo, which is good to a wide range of meals including western dishes.