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Kuma shochu specialty store Ichigoya / Shinmachi, Hitoyoshi city

Run by Kuma Shochu wholesaler
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A liquor retailer, including Kuma shochu, run by Torigoe Shoten, a wholesaler of Kuma shochu. It is at the foot of the bridge overlooking the beautiful flow of the Kuma River. Kuma shochu is stocked with 28 breweries. Kuma shochu guides who are well versed in Kuma shochu will teach you various things about Kuma shochu. You can try free tasting and drink three kinds of drinks every month (500 yen or more), so be sure to stop by when you walk down Hitoyoshi Castle. You can also make an original shochu label that will be a memory of your trip and get various souvenirs from Kuma Hitoyoshi.

Shop where you can enjoy: 15 Shinmachi, Hitoyoshi city
TEL: 0966-22-2374
Supported cashless: paypay, WAON, transportation IC (Suica etc.)
business hours: From 9:00 to 18:00
(Tasting and experience reception until 16:00)
business hours: Irregular holidays

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake (Mizutaka, Chiyo-no-en)
Shochu (Kuma shochu total 28 brewery (Matsushita brewery, Yamatoichi brewing brewery, Matsumoto brewing brewery, bunch of dew, pine Izumi brewing, Fuchida brewing brewery, Takahashi brewing, Oishi brewing, Fukuda brewing, Toyonaga brewing, Torikai brewing) , Shiratake Brewery Research Institute, Kuma Shochu Co., Ltd., Tsunematsu Brewery, Miyahara Brewery, Rokucho Brewery, Kinoshita Brewery, Miyamoto Brewery, Nasu Brewery, Fukano Brewery, Kotobuki Brewery, Takada Brewery, Sogetsu Brewery, Fuchida Sake brewery, Tsutsumi brewery, Hayashi brewery, Joraku brewery, excellent brewery)
Wine (Kumamoto Wine-Kikuka brand is also available (limited period and quantity))
Liqueurs (tarski, casserole, umepon, bunzo plum wine, sake of late-season yuzu, black aging, barrel-aged sake such as premium tsutsumi, Oishi premium)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Tarukura Sakura

Genuine rice shochu was aged in white oak barrels, and further aged in barrels using Japan's leading cherry wood.
The sweet scent and taste of cherry blossom rice spread. Straight and rock are recommended.