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Hinomaru Kitchen / Shimo-tori Kumamoto city

A variety of menus used Kumamoto’s local ingredients such as a salad buffet for lunch and fabulous dishes used local ingredients from 45 municipalities in Kumamoto.

In order to deliver delicious foods from Kumamoto to more people, this restaurant is attached to “Hinomaru Marche”, which sells products and processed products of Kumamoto.

A variety of dishes are provided such as a lunch time salad buffet using fresh seafood and vegetables of Kumamoto and extensive dinner time menus.  You can enjoy Kuma Shochu from 28 breweries with fabulous dishes used local ingredients from 45 municipalities in Kumamoto.  Located in the middle of downtown, this restaurant is good to use for a short break or meeting place, too.

Shop where you can enjoy: CARINO Shimotori1F 1-2 Shimotori Ansei-machi, Kumamoto city
TEL: 050-3314-2299
Supported cashless: PayPay,Rakuten Pay,LINEPAY
business hours: 11:00~24:00 (LO 23:00)
business hours: 無

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake(Zuiyou Junmaishu “Kumamoto jo”/Kouro Reishu/Tsujun Junmaishu Aka label)
*Representative shochu of 28 Kuma Shochu breweries are available. )
Wine(Kumamoto wine ( Muscat Bailey A / Campbell Early / Delaware / Niagara))
Liqueur(Dekopon Highball/Yuzu&Kabosu Highball/Amanatsu Highball/Amakusabankan Highball)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Kuma Shochu Ajiwai 3shu Nomikurabe

This is a set of 3 glasses of Kuma Shochu monthly selected by the staff. You can enjoy and compare the taste of recommended Kuma Shochu from 28 brewe