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Kumamoto Meibutsu Hamaryori Samurai / Anseimachi, Kumamoto city

Fish from seas and oceans around Kyushu
are swimming in the ikesu in the restaurant.
The specialty is fresh Kawahagi sashimi!

As one of the old authentic Japanese cuisines opened 42 years ago, this restaurant has been known with a reputation on national TV by its fabulous ikesu dishes and local specialties the chefs and cooks provide.  You can enjoy fresh seasonal seafood which is purchased directly from contracted fishermen of Amakusa or in Kyushu.  Because of the dishes such as freshly-fried “Karashi Renkon (deep fried lotus roots, mixture of miso and Japanese mustard stuffed)”, homemade tofu pickled in miso, shiokara (salted and fermented seafood), okizuke (seasoned and pickled seafood) and horse meat dishes, this cuisine is irresistible for alcohol lovers.  Also, try sashimi of Kawahagi (Filefish), provided by the chefs’ wonderful slicing technique!

Shop where you can enjoy: TomatoBLD (Former Okaue BLD) 3/4F 2-23 Ansei-machi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city
TEL: 096-354-8972
Supported cashless: Prepaid transportation cards, ID、QUICKPay、ApplePay、ALIPAY、WeChatPay
business hours: 5:00pm-2:00am
*Last order is 1 hour before closing
business hours: Not fixed / Year-end and New Year Holidays

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake(Kouro/Reizan/Zuiyo/Chiyonosono Tokubetsuhonjozo/Kumamoto jo/Reizan (Aka))
Shochu(MastuyoiHakutake Shiro/Hakusui/Suikyomushi/Fusanotsuyu/Gin/Kuratake/Mosaku (Aka)/Benifuku)
Wine(Muscat Bailey A/Delaware/Campbell Early/Niagara)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Genshu Aka Reizan

Unpasteurized sake which has rich flavor and “koku (layer of tastes), both straight and on-the-rock are good.