Shop where you can enjoy

Wasyoku Satsuki / Minami-ku, Kumamoto city

Japanese course dishes and set menus
suitable for both big parties or casual lunch with friends.

In the drink menu, there are a variety of sake and shochu such as “Hananoka” “Reizan” “Ubuyamamura” “Kamema” “Bokushu” Kumamoto is proud of. Also this Japanese restaurant make you enjoy four seasons with their dishes such as colorful and vibrant vegetables in spring, eels which gives us energy in summer, plenty of mushrooms and hamo (sea-eels) in fall and a variety of Hot pot in winter. Course menus are suitable for parties of many people with families and friends. There are also casual set menus which have aradaki (simmered sea bream after its fillet is taken), tempra, tonkatsu and hamburg stake as main dishes so that you can have casual lunch or dinner.

Shop where you can enjoy: 1 cho-me 2-3 Egoshi, Minami-ku, Kumamoto city
TEL: 096-370-1201
Supported cashless: Credit cards, PayPay
business hours: Lunch 11:00am-3:00pm
*Last order for lunch is 1 hour before closing
Dinner 5:30pm-10:00pm
*Last order for dinner is 1 hour before closing
business hours: Tuesday except GW (about a week off from the end of April to the beginning of May)

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake(Hananoka Junmaidaiginjo Ouka,Ubuyamamura Junmaiginjo ,Kameman Junmai,Bokushu honjozo,Reizan Junmai)
Shochu(Hakutake Shiro,Banryoku,Ikenotsuyu)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Ubuyamamura Junmaiginjo

Made from sake rice “Gohyakumangoku” grown in Nishihara-mura, Aso, by pesticide-free agricultural cultivation using carps. This sake is very good for Japanese dishes because of its clear texture made from pure water of Ikeyama spring in Ubuyama-mura, and sophisticated sweetness and umami of rice which never interfere the meals.