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Kamesushi / Syowa-machi, Yamaga city

Despite being a sushi restaurant, Izakaya menu is also substantial
Shochu with the name of the local Yamaga
We are particular about Japanese sake from local brewers

Although it is named “Kamesushi”, it is also known for its rich izakaya menu based on the concept of “Easy to enter”. The fish used for sushi and sashimi is mainly fresh fish from Kyushu’s Ariake Sea and Kyushu. The ingredients used for popular deep-fried chicken and tempura are also particular about Kumamoto Prefecture.

One of the store owner’s recommendations that focus on local sake is Yamaga. A unique rice bran shochu using only rice bran made from Hinohikari rice from Johoku of Kumamoto Prefecture. Of course, local sake from the local Yamaga brewery “Chiyo no Sono Sake Brewery” is also available.

Shop where you can enjoy: 313-1, Syowa-machi, Yamaga city
TEL: 0968-43-3803
business hours: 17:00~24:00
business hours: Not fixed

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