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Kinshiichi Hitoyoshi Main Store / Teramachi, Hitoyoshi

You can fully enjoy the taste of chicken
Centered on yakitori
One dish is very popular

A izakaya where you can enjoy a variety of dishes, including yakitori, and a variety of dishes, including single dishes using fresh seafood purchased that day. Locally, it is a restaurant that has a reputation for delicious udon. Yakitori is offered in a variety of exquisite grillings that bring out the taste of each part, so you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of chicken. Not only drinks, but also sake and beer, mainly Kuma shochu. There is also a large selection of shochu high menus that use women’s favorite lemons, gray fruits, and cassis.

Shop where you can enjoy: 11-5 Teramachi, Hitoyoshi
TEL: 0966-24-0512
business hours: 18:00~23:00(LO22:30)
business hours: Sunday

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake (Reizan, Chiyo-no-en, Koro, beautiful boys, etc.)
Shochu (we have all 28 Kuma shochu brewers.)
Wine (Kikuka wine)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Six-tone brewing Shingetsu