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Kuma Shochu Museum Shiratake Tradition Collection / Ainohara, Hitoyoshi city

Shirodake Shiro, known throughout Japan
Run by Takahashi Sake Brewery
Shochu Museum

The long-established brewery Takahashi Sake Brewery, founded in 1873, is a Kuma shochu maker known throughout the country for brands such as Shirotake Shiro. Shiratake Denzo is a museum run by Takahashi Sake Brewery. Exhibits of shochu-making tools used in the Taisho era from the Meiji era, a hall that introduces the history and manufacturing process of Kuma shochu with images, commercials and advertisements of Takahashi brewing that are broadcast nationwide, works of local artists, etc. There is also a gallery where you can taste various kinds of brands, including a gallery that did, and of course “Shirodake Shiro”. The Kuma Shochu products from all 28 breweries and Kumamoto’s specialty products are also popular at the sales corner.

Shop where you can enjoy: 461-7 Ainohara, Hitoyoshi city
TEL: 0966-32-9750
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Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Shochu (Shiratake, Shirotake, Shirotake, Ginrei, Shiratake KAORU)
Liqueur (Plum wine at that time, Umepon)

Staff’s Recommended Drink

Ginrei shiro

It features a beautiful and gorgeous fragrance like a Japanese sake ginjo. Blend carefully with low-temperature fermentation using water, rice, and ginjo yeast with authentic rice shochu “Shiro”. Recommended soda split.