Shop where you can enjoy

Uogashi Banya / Shimo-tori,Kumamoto city

You can’t miss the biggest “Ikesu” in the city.
Here is the place you can enjoy taste of Kumamoto,
fish from Amakusa, horse meat and Akaushi!

This is one of the Izakaya run by “Ebisu Family”, which has the “Seri (fish auction)” license at the fish port markets of Amakusa.  The best of all recommendations is a dish of assortment of fresh sashimi.  In addition to sashimi, “Donabe Taimeshi (steamed snapper with rice in a clay pot)” which is cooked after the order and daily seafood dishes using fresh fish purchased on that day are very popular.  You can also enjoy Kumamoto taste with “Kyoudo ryori course (local dishes course / reservation is required)”, which has horse meat and Akaushi (beef) dishes.  Good sake and shochu from Kumamoto and all over Japan are available.  Try chu-high (shochu highball) of Amakusa bankan, too.

Shop where you can enjoy: 1 chome 5-22 Shimotori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto city
TEL: 096-319-1777
Supported cashless: Credit cards, Kumamon IC
business hours: Tue-Thu, Sun 4:00pm-11:30pm
Fri, Sat and a night before national holiday 4:00pm-0:00am
*Last order is 30 minutes before closing
business hours: Monday
*Open on Monday and close on Tuesday when Monday is a national holiday

Prefectural liquor

Handling brands

Sake(Hananoka Ouka/Kouro/Bokushu/Zuiyo Chokarakuchi/Reizan)
Shochu(Hakutake Shiro/Matsuyoi/Torikai/Mosaku/Murasakiimo/Minenotsuyu/Maisengetu/Jishukan/Kawabe/Hitoyoshi/Kurokuratake/Ikenotsuyu)

Staff’s Recommended Drink


This is a premium shochu which has rich aroma, mellow taste and koku (layer of some tastes) because it is made from only koji (steamed rice cultivated koji mold).